Peckham BMX Club London began in 2004 when radio Dj and Tv Presenter and entrepreneur Ck Flash was approached by Southwark Council and Edwards bike shop in London to take on the challenge of clearing a patch of wasteground on Naylor Road Peckham. After some back breaking work and opening with just 4 kids the club was born, & grew to becoming the Number 1 Club in the UK in 2008.

It’s produced world champions men and women podium top 3 and sent over eight riders which is 70% of the British cycling team, an incredible achievement in such a short space of time and one that bears testament to the clubs mentality.

We have consistently over 150 members and 100 of them ride every week with small kids age 4 to our elite Junior riders that range from 16 to 25 & over 40 Master riders

The New full size track opened on August 16th 2013 in Burgess Park in South London and all are welcome to come down and test it out. There will be taster sessions for kids and adults throughout the day and prominent local speakers in attendance that come to the club to talk to the kids.

Ck has been in BMX for over 30 years & trained with the best in the business including working with some of the best coaches in the world from the Uk France and USA, so he pretty experience in training as a club coach or with individuals. And focus on the full package – training hard ,nutrition and mental preparation along with the being a professional at Bmx.

Here some of the young people he train with Nigel Whyte (Tre & Kye Whytes Dad) who are on Team GB & has been on the British cycling programme since he was running the training for British cycling talent team in London in 2006.

Dan Whyte European champion – The first on British cycling development program from Peckham Bmx Club

Tre Whyte – 2014 World number 3 Peckham Bmx Rider

Kye Whyte – 9 times British Champion – 6 national Champion Peckham Bmx Rider

Quillan Isadore British /National and 2012 world Champion 2012 Peckham Bmx Rider

Tian Isadore – 2014 British Champion Peckham Bmx Rider

Blaine – British /national & 2014 world number no3 Peckham Bmx Rider

Kat British/ National and 2014 world number no2 Peckham Bmx Rider

Peckham Bmx club is the one of the most popular clubs in England you can ask for references from Jamie staff USA cycling director and Dale Holmes if you know them and Dr Jason Richardson

The Peckham elite riders stayed in California for training this year and stayed with Jason Richardson A few of the top Pros in the world. Im looking for them to train in CA America for a period of time so they can train and race back and forth from America and England

Our current sponsors are GT bicycles and a bike shop (Edwards cycle) in England that I am involved with, so getting us to distribute your Products would work as we could distribute to other bike shops from our shop and store them as well as selling them from our shop. Our location is central London but our other distributors are outside of London.

Ck was awarded an MBE last year 2016 by the Queen of England for the amount of work he has done with young people in Sport & BMX

We are one of the main club for Bmx and produced a movie called 1Way Up and was distributed worldwide and featured on MTV, Netflix and iTunes The rating of 6.7 .The film is well known with Bmxers all over the world.

Take a look at the trailer

Peckham BMX are now the subject of a 3D documentary 1 Way Up produced by Oscar Winners Shine Global in New York and shows the clubs struggles as it follows two top riders Tre Whyte and Quillan Isidore to the World Championships.


Let me know your thoughts, this is a great opportunity , Peckham riders are hot at the moment and we are a great advocate of advertising your brand.

If you see any way of us working together or sponsoring our riders let me know see pictures below of my riders

Peckham BMX is urgently seeking help with fundraising. CK Flash issued a call to action “We are urgently trying to raise £600.000 for our new Club House & skate park we have £2 million funding already from SOUTHWARK COUNCIL and CK added “We have a great support team of coaches and parents who are only to happy to give up their time to help but we need the help of these donations to give all our kids a chance.

We would appreciate if you could make a donation to our club and celebrate with us on this monumental achievement at any time at our Christmas party on December 7th at giraffe house next to the BMX track in Burgess Park


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